Does penis size matter? Find out interesting facts.

    When it comes to penis size most men ask "does penis size matter?". It doesnít indeed. Sexual skills and abilities take the front rank here rather than penis size. As a matter of fact the most sensitive spots (g-spot inclusive) lie eight centimeters deep from vaginaís entrance. If you donít collect these three inches consider enlarging your penis surgically.

    Penis implants relieve well in this case. If you are richly endowed with a big cock it doesnít really mean that you will surely give pleasure to your girlfriend. On the contrary you can easily hit a womb with a too long penis. It is very painful and can be compared with a kick in balls.

    So does penis size matter? If you are going to marry a woman who has already given birth to ten babies then it does.:-) Also there is a point of view that a bigger penis can satisfy a woman to a greater extent since it can reach deeper and stretch vagina well.

    However that may be donít panic if you miss a couple of centimeters. Does penis size matter? If you know how to handle it youíll manage anyway.